Running Techniques & Styles



Running Techniques & Styles


There are many different running styles and techniques which you can include in your exercise programme. Many people like to change their running style and

technique during their training programme, so it gives them some variety in their running training. To find out which techniques are best for you, our Personal Trainers have detailed a brief introduction to some of the different techniques and styles you can use in your training:


Pace/Tempo Training

Start with a 5 minute warm up running at a nice steady pace, then increase your pace for a short period of time such as 5-10 mins and then go back to a steady pace to recover for the same 5-10 minutes. Try and repeat this a few times as this will help you increase your overall long distance running pace. Do not run flat out when tempo training as you will not be able to continue that pace for 5-10 mins. Also important to remember to have a 5 min cool down run once you have completed the pace/tempo training, followed by stretching.

Long Distance Training & Interval Training methods will be discussed in tomorrows post.




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