Plan Your Route

Continuing from yesterday’s post for runners of all levels, today’s post is briefly focusing on your running route and how to safely plan where you’re running. Our Personal Trainers here in our Personal Training HQ in Shepherds Bush have suggested a few tips…


* ROUTE: Know the distance you are about to run beforehand so you can then log this into your training programme and possibly aim for a longer distance or quicker time on your next run. You should always keep a note of your time/distance so it’s easy for you to monitor your progress.

* SAFETY: Make sure the route that you are about to run is safe and well lit (if running in the dark) and also is a common route with walkers and other runners. Try and avoid main roads and heavy congested areas whenever possible.

* NIGHT RUN: If you are running in the dark make sure you have told someone the route you are running before you leave and also wear reflective clothing.

* BACK-UP: If you are running a long distance away from home, make sure you carry a mobile phone with you and your card or some small cash in case you injure yourself and you are finding it difficult to walk.


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