The 200 Challenge

The Believe Fitness ultimate challenge is BACK!


Can never find the time to train? Don't have enough space/equipment to train in your own home? Want to get in shape but all these factors and many more are getting in the way?! Then the 200! Fitness Challenge is perfect for you!


The '200!' consists of 9 exercises that have a total of 200 repetitions  that will get your arms, abs, legs and bum in shape. You must complete the circuit 3 times with a break of 1-2mins in between each circuit. You will only need to time your 3rd circuit as the aim of the challenge is to complete the 3rd circuit in the quickest time possible. Make sure you take your time to warm up and cool down effectively as this will prevent any injuries and will help your muscles recover quicker.


You do not need any equipment to complete these exercises and the amount of space that you will need is around the size of an exercise mat, so there are NO EXCUSES! as to why you are unable to compete in this all-body circuit challenge. Make a note of your time and see if you can make it into our Top 10 Leaderboard!


The 200...


Walk-Outs 15

Climbers 40

Scissors 30

Jumping Lunges 30

Sit-Ups 20

Press-Ups 20

Jumping Squats 20

Push Planks 10

Burpees 15

Top 10 Leaderboard

Position Name Time 


Dan 2:26
2. James 2:33
3. Ed 2:49
4. Georgie 2:50
5. Shiroma 2:54
6. Toby 3:04
7. Mel 3:14
8. Louisa 3:27
9:- Liv 3:28
9:- Robyn 3:28




CONGRATULATIONS DAN!!! He has won the 200 challenge with an amazing time of 2:26mins. Very tight finish! He wins the Personal Training session + Dumbell set + the impressive Believe Fitness Challenge Trophy.


Our most improved trophy goes to Louisa!! Her first attempt was 4:56mins and final 3:27mins. She has improved her time by a HUGE 89s!!


Well done to everyone that gave it a go and to the people who've made it onto the Top 10 Leaderboard.


Next challenge coming soon.......

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