Summer - Autumn 2018 Burpee Challenge!



Welcome to the Believe Fitness Burpee Challenge. Here is where we take a very simple exercise and take it to the next level. This is a great way for you to test your fitness ability and really push yourself to see how far you can push yourselves.




The table belows shows all 11 levels to the burpee challenge. Each level represents 1 minute. For example; Level 1 you have to complete 10 burpee's in 1 minute. If you complete the 10 burpees in 22 seconds then you have 38 seconds to rest until the next level starts where you have to do 12 burpees in 1 minute. If you complete the 12 burpees in 33 seconds, you will have 28 seconds rest time until level 3 starts whwere you have to complete 14 burpees in 1 minute. 


If you do not complete all the burpees for that level, you add them on to the previous level. For example if you didn't quite complete the 18 burpees for level 5 but you completed 14, your score will be Level 4 + 14.


Have a go and see if you have what it takes to make it onto our top 10 leaderboard. The winner will be the person in 1st place on 16th October 2018. As well as the fantastically amazing Believe Fitness trophy, you will also win a free 1 hour PT session or some training equipment!



Top 10 Leaderboard

Position Name Level
1. James 11 + 1
2. Dan 8 + 1
3. Ed 8
4. Shiroma 7 + 14
5. Louisa 7 + 12
6. Hannah 7
7. Olivia 6
8. Toby 5 +1
9:- Ollie 5
9:- Claire 5
9:- Graham 5
9:- Laurence 5

Congratulations to our Winner! - James

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