Believe Fitness Ultimate Ab's Challenge!

Lose the muffin top and get in shape with the ultimate ab's challenge. This challenge will really work your core muscles to the max! 


There are 9 different core exercises in the challenge, as well as interval training with boxing and kick boxing. You will complete a one set max of each exercise. So push yourself to do as many as possible each time, as you will only be completing that exercise once. Each time you complete the challenge, make a note of the amount of reps you have completed of each exercise and try and beat that score next time round. Make sure you warm up before you start and cool down once you have finished the challenge. See if you have what it takes to be in our top 5 leaderboard!


The exercises are:


1. Vertical leg crunches

2. Side crunches

3. Bicycle (elbow to knee)

Interval training - Boxing/kick boxing 1min (50% intensity) and 30s (90-100% intensity) for 4:30mins

4. Crunches - with legs on chair/swiss ball

5. V-situp

6. Double leg drops


Interval training - Boxing/kick boxing 1min (50% intensity) and 30s (90-100% intensity) for 4:30mins


7. Situp and punch (10 punches each rep)

8. Plank

9. Situps



Position Name Vertical Crunches Side Crunches Bicycle Crunches V-Situp Dbl leg drops Situp & Punch Plank Situp
1st Lara 120 101 307 90 23 90 20 145s 60
2nd Arti 30 96 255 128 38 64 30 52s 82
3rd Sarah P. 43 52 105 143 8 35 27 113 46
4th Megan 55 40 75 120 36 49 16 270 (on knees) 42
5th Rebecca 75 38 70 100 21 41 25 25s 52





Each time you complete the challenge, your scores will be calculated with your previous scores to make an average score for each exercise. This means you need to push yourself everytime on each exercise.


To progress up the leaderboard you must have 5 or more higher scores, then the person above you. The winner will be the person who is in 1st place on Saturday 16th March. The winner will win a Personal Training session as well as the fantastic Believe Fitness Ultimate Ab's trophy!!



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  • Dan (Sunday, March 17 13 08:04 pm GMT)

    Congratulations Lara on winning your second ultimate challenge! It was another close match between the top 5.

    Well done to the 15 people who took part in the challenge and who increased their scores week on week.

  • Dan (Tuesday, February 05 13 04:28 pm GMT)

    The challenge is on! Who will be the ultimate champion?.....

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