Believe Fitness Power & Strength - Kickboxing Challenge!

The Believe Fitness power and strength - kickboxing challenge is painfully good for you!




The challenge consists of 10 rounds of kicks and boxing - 5 of each. After each round there is one set of resistance exercises to complete. Round 5 and round 10 are the competition rounds. It is here where each participant will have to complete the 7 point combination as many times as possible within the 3 minute round. Here is a breakdown of the challenge:





Round 1 - 2 minute boxing round - Power Punching

Resistance Exercise - triceps dips


Round 2 - 2 minute power kicking round

Resistance Exercise - sit & reach


Round 3 - 2 minute boxing Round - Jab & Punch

Resistance Exercise - alternate side crunches


Round 4 - 2 minute Power Kicks - 10 each side

Resistance Exercise - 10 jump squats 


Round 5 - 3 minute Kickboxing challenge 7 point combo - 1. Jab, 2. Punch, 3. High Knee, 4. Duck, 5. Jab, 6. Punch, 7. High Kick.

Resistance Exercise - double leg drops


Round 6 - 2 minute boxing round - jab, punch and power hook combo.

Resistance Exercise - lateral shoulder raises and front shoulder raises


Round 7 - 2 minute speed kicks - 30s kicks x 3 - 15s interval.

Resistance Exercise - situp & punch x 10 x 5


Round 8 - 2 minute boxing round - jab, punch, hook and up speed combo.

Resistance Exercise - bicycle


Round 9 - 2 minute round - power knee & power kick combo 

Resistance Exercise - lunges


Round 10 - 3 Minute Kickboxing challenge 7 point combo - 1. Jab, 2. Punch, 3. High Knee, 4. Duck, 5. Jab, 6. Punch, 7. High Kick.



The average scores of rounds 5 and 10 will be used to make an overall average total score, using the average scores of the past challenges. The reason for this, is to make sure all participants push themselves as much as possible in each challenge. This is why consistency is key to winning this challenge!

Top 5 Leaderboard

Position  Name Average Total Score
1st Amanda F. 105
2nd Lara 102
3rd Arti 89
4th Paloma 86
5th Rebecca 66


The winner will be the person who is number one on the leaderboard (leaderboard to begin 17th September) on 31st October 2012. The winner will win a Personal Training session as well as the brilliant Believe Fitness Power & Strength Trophy!!!

Challenge Winner


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  • Dan (Thursday, November 01 12 08:43 pm GMT)

    Well done to everyone who has taken part this challenge. This has been one of the toughest challenges yet.

    Congratulations to Amanda for achieving 1st place and winnng the challenge with a great score of 105. Although it was a very close final battle with Lara for the top spot!

  • Dan (Tuesday, October 02 12 05:10 pm BST)

    Over 14 people have competed in this challenge so far. The fight for the Top 5 is getting a lot tougher!!

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